[ACCEPTED]-NSIS support for Linux and Solaris-nsis

Accepted answer
Score: 15


See the NSIS feature list for more information ...

Portable Compiler

The NSIS 5 compiler can be compiled for POSIX platforms 4 like Linux and *BSD. Generated installer will 3 still run on Windows only, but this way 2 they can be generated without Windows 1 or WINE.

Score: 8

You can compile installers on POSIX and 4 Windows systems, but it always produces 3 a Win32 PE file that only runs on Windows 2 (And maybe under WINE on *nix)

Check the 1 NSIS manual for more info

Score: 4

The installer systems for Windows and Linux 12 are completely different.

Whereas Windows' only 11 contribution to a software management system 10 is one registry entry pointing to the uninstaller, Linux 9 has a full working software management system. There 8 are apt, yum, pacman and many more out there, which 7 are supporting many more features and possibilities 6 including automatic execution of scripts 5 and pulling in/installing dependencies. If 4 you have a cross platform application you 3 wanna share, you're either stuck with creating 2 a tar-ball, or you learn how to build deb/rpm 1 etc. packages.

Score: 0

Linux and Windows are not binary compatible, so 3 you can't do that.

But, most of the windows 2 binary installer could able to install at 1 WINE

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