[ACCEPTED]-LINQ practice exercises or puzzles?-linq

Accepted answer
Score: 12

If you have not discovered http://www.linqpad.net/ it lets you 3 practice linq in a lightweight way, as well 2 as having some inbuilt examples from C# 5.0 1 in a nutshell and C# in Depth books.

Score: 8

101 Linq Samples is a good one for reference. Not a puzzle 1 though

Score: 1

I know the 1st 2 questions at Project Euler 2 is 'LINQ' friendly, I never did any more, but 1 it should be fun either way :)

Score: 1


Do a full outer join in LINQ.


Score: 0

I've been finding "foreach's" in existing 5 code and attempting to linq'ify them. Many 4 times things have been different enough 3 for me to learn new concepts or at least 2 if they're similar I get to feel more confident 1 that my Linq skills are getting better.

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