[ACCEPTED]-How to get global (company) group id in Liferay?-global

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When you have only one Company in your portal:

Company company = CompanyLocalServiceUtil.getCompanyByMx(PropsUtil.get(PropsKeys.COMPANY_DEFAULT_WEB_ID));
long globalGroupId = company.getGroup().getGroupId(); 


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Extending yellow's answer, you can find the company if 6 you know some value of the Portal Instance 5 (Company):

  1. If you know the webId of the Portal Instance, can 4 find company by:

    String webId = "liferay.com"; // PropsUtil.get(PropsKeys.COMPANY_DEFAULT_WEB_ID)
    Company company = CompanyLocalServiceUtil.getCompanyByWebId(webId);
    long globalGroupId = company.getGroup().getGroupId();
  2. If you know the mail-domain of the Portal 3 Instance, can find company by:

    String mailDomain = "liferay.com";
    Company company = CompanyLocalServiceUtil.getCompanyByMx(mailDomain);
    long globalGroupId = company.getGroup().getGroupId();
  3. If you know the virtual host of 2 the Portal Instance, can find company by:

    String virtualHost = "localhost";
    Company company = CompanyLocalServiceUtil.getCompanyByVirtualHost(virtualHost);
    long globalGroupId = company.getGroup().getGroupId();

There are also other useful methods available to explore in CompanyLocalServiceUtil, for those who are interested.

Thanks 1 Yellow for the lead, it was really helpful.

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You can use the following :



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If you need this info for Document Library, you 1 can use

public static long getDefaultCompanyId(){
        long companyId = 0;
        try{ companyId = getDefaultCompany().getCompanyId(); }
        catch(Exception e){ System.out.println(e.getClass() + " " +e.getMessage()); }
       return companyId;

public static long getDefaultGroupId (){

    long companyId = getDefaultCompanyId();
    long globalGroupId = 0L;

    Group group = null;
    try {
        group = GroupLocalServiceUtil.getGroup(companyId, "Guest");
    } catch (PortalException | SystemException e) {
        return globalGroupId;
     globalGroupId = group.getGroupId();

    return globalGroupId;

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