[ACCEPTED]-How to write programming code containing the ' character in latex?-latex

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Load the upquote package to fix this issue in verbatim 7 mode.

If you want straight quotes in monospaced 6 text mode (e.g., \texttt{...}), or indeed in any other 5 font, then you can use the \textquotesingle command defined 4 in the textcomp package:

\verb|'c'| \texttt{\upquote{h}}
\textsf{\upquote{h}} \upquote{h}

This will work well for 3 fonts in any encoding rather than depending 2 on a specific glyph slot (such as \char13 in the 1 default OT1 encoding).

Score: 21

Adding \usepackage{upquote} to my preamble was sufficient.

Perhaps 2 older versions of LaTeX or upquote required 1 more work.

Score: 7

I have

alt text

What is wrong?


If you want to get something 1 like this

alt text


\let \@sverbatim \@verbatim
\def \@verbatim {\@sverbatim \verbatimplus}
{\catcode`'=13 \gdef \verbatimplus{\catcode`'=13 \chardef '=13 }} 
Score: 5

For displaying source code, you might consider 3 using the listings package; it is quite powerful 2 and offers an option to display “straight” quotation 1 marks.

Score: 1

If you're seeing curly single right quotes 5 in a verbatim environment, then the single 4 right quote in your typewriter font is curly, and 3 that's the correct one to use for what you're 2 doing (which I assume is displaying some 1 C code).

Score: 1

\textsf{``} and \textsf{''} come pretty 2 close to straight quotes. No need for 1 using any special packages.

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