[ACCEPTED]-How can I browse my Tomcat localhost from another computer on the network?-localhost

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You need to use the Port of Tomcat which 4 is by default 8080. So you might want to 3 access you localhost on machine A from machine 2 B as http://A:8080/YourProject And Remember Unlike IIS , it is 1 case sensitive.

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Have you created an exception in your firewall?

Assuming 8 that Tomcat is running on port 8080 and 7 this is a Windows XP machine, the the firewall 6 will block that port (not the case on Windows 5 Server 2003).

The firewall can be configured 4 by: choosing the Windows Firewall from the 3 Control Panel, then click on Exceptions 2 -> Add Port and enter name and number: Tomcat, 8080 1 and leave transport protocol as TCP

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if your ip were you have to 1 write (if dont, then look your firewall)

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you can use your ip address instead of localhost


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Step 1: Add a firewall exception to inbound connections 17 to the port that you use for your hosts 16 (the Host tags in CATALINA_HOME(Tomcat dir)/conf/server.xml).

Step 2: At least in Windows 10, allow 15 Tomcat to communicate through the firewall. One 14 way would be Control Panel -> System and 13 Security -> Windows Firewall -> "Allow an 12 app or feature through Windows Firewall" -> "Change 11 settings" -> Enable Private and Public for 10 "Commons Daemon Service Runner" (if not 9 present: "Allow another app..." -> Chose 8 tomcat#.exe in Tomcat bin directory, where # will be 7 the tomcat version number)

Step 3: Add a firewall 6 exception for javaw. In Windows 10, that is the 5 steps above up to "Change settings", followed 4 by: Find Java(TM) Platform SE binary with 3 a path to javaw (add as above if not present) -> Enable 2 Private and Public for it.

Let me know if 1 that does not work. :)

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Tomcat uses port 8080 by default so you 3 have to provide the port number in the URL 2 to see anything. If it is running http://yourcomputer:8080/app should 1 do the trick.

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As well as blocking the port (see AirSource 9 Ltd's answer), your firewall may have restrictions 8 on the Tomcat service. For example, Mcafee 7 Firewall restricts Tomcat to "outgoing only".

If 6 using Mcafee, under Change Settings > Firewall, expand 5 Internet Connections for Programs and find 4 Commons Daemon Service Runner (aka tomcat*.exe). Edit 3 it and change Access from Outgoing Only 2 to Incoming and outgoing - Use designated 1 ports (recommended).

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You must write your machine's IP instead 1 of using "localhost"

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this works fine simply write http://your_ipaddress:8080(tomcat server port)/project 2 name

and make sure you are connected to same 1 network and project is deployed on tomcat.

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`Step 1: Go to directory where tomcat is installed 13 and look for server.xml file.Usually the 12 path is

C:\Program Files\Apache Software 11 Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\conf\server.xml

Open 10 it with editor and look for connector block.It 9 will be like

<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"

Add address="" to it

<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               address="" />

save the file.

step 2: Go 8 to the firewall and network protection setting 7 of the pc and turn off the public network firewall.

step 3: Start the tomcat server.Then 6 use the local ip address of pc and port 5 8080 (used by tomcat server as default unless 4 you have changed it) form other device to 3 connect with the tomcat server on the pc.

eg 2 - (replace with your pc's 1 local ip address)

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