[ACCEPTED]-how to get rel value of clicked element-return-value

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If you're using a button with an ID, then 7 you shouldn't have to get any extra data 6 from the rel attribute since the function 5 is unique to your button.

But if you have 4 other reasons, then you just need to make 3 sure your button itself has a rel attribute 2 defined, e.g.

<input id="forwardStep" rel="test" type="button" value="forward" />

and your function is closed 1 properly

  var page = $(this).attr('rel');
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Because it wasn't ever defined? Where's 2 the html? Are you sure you're targeting 1 the right element?

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$(this) will give you whatever element has 8 the id of "#forwardStep", so for this example 7 to work it should be a link or anchor, but 6 you said it was a button.

I don't think 5 a button can have a rel attribute. If you 4 are trying to get the rel attribute from 3 a link you'll need to selct that link rather 2 than "this". e.g. $('#theLinkId').attr('rel').

You 1 should add the HTML to this question.

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