[ACCEPTED]-How to modify STYLE attribute of element with known ID using JQuery-css

Accepted answer
Score: 51

Use the CSS function from jQuery to set 1 styles to your items :

$('#buttonId').css({ "background-color": 'brown'});
Score: 40

Not sure I completely understand the question 8 but:

$(":button.brown").click(function() {

seems to be along the lines of what 7 you want.

I would certainly recommend using 6 classes instead of directly setting CSS, which 5 is problematic for several reasons (eg removing 4 styles is non-trivial, removing classes 3 is easy) but if you do want to go that way:

$("...").css("background", "brown");

But 2 when you want to reverse that change, what 1 do you set it to?

Score: 2
$("span").mouseover(function () {

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The question was misleading by confusing 4 the html style attribute and css attributes.

However, if 3 you want to actually modify the style attribute 2 of an html element using jQuery, just reassign 1 the entire style attribute like this:

<div id="mydiv" style="position:absolute; right:0; display:block;">

    // change position to relative and remove "right" and "display" css attributes
    $('#mydiv').attr("style", "position:relative;");

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