[ACCEPTED]-Add Users to Jenkins with "Allow users to sign up" Disabled-user-management

Accepted answer
Score: 81

There is "Create Users" in "Manage Jenkins".


Score: 20

In case "Allow users to sign up" was already 7 disabled and security turned on and there 6 is no user you can use to login the only 5 way to go is to change Jenkins configuration 4 manually on the server and restart server.

Thing 3 to change is in Jenkins Home folder i config.xml 2 file. change




restart and refresh browser 1


Score: 12

Manage Jenkins -> Jenkins own user database, Anyone can do anything. Then you are not forced to login or signup. Manage Jenkins -> Manage Users and 6 you create your users, then setup security 5 accordingly.

If you don't setup the security 4 method first there is no way to add users.

A 3 convenient way for configuring Jenkins is 2 to edit the config.xml file directly and use the Manage Jenkins -> Reload configuration from Disk hyperlink 1 instead of restarting the service.

Score: 6

The recommended way to handle this is to 14 use matrix based security and leave sign 13 up on. Set default permissions to nothing, this 12 way when people sign up they can't actually 11 do anything until you explicitly grant them 10 permissions. If you don't want to leave 9 the sign up on for some reason, you will 8 have to enable to add users and then disable 7 when you are done. As far as I know there 6 is no way to add a user with sign up turned 5 off unless you want to hand edit the config 4 files.

There is no default admin user, you 3 will want to make sure you add yourself 2 with max permissions or you risk getting 1 locked out when you enable security.

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