[ACCEPTED]-What is the opposite of escape, in javascript?-javascript

Accepted answer
Score: 41

That would be unescape().

2017 Edit: I should note that unescape() has 3 now been deprecated in favour of decodeURI() and decodeURIComponent(). Also, escape() has 2 been deprecated in favour of encodeURI and encodeURIComponent() respectively.

At 1 least they are fairly obvious opposites.

Score: 5

Try calling unescape.


Score: 2

Try unescape()


The deprecated unescape() method computes a new string 5 in which hexadecimal escape sequences are 4 replaced with the character that it represents. The 3 escape sequences might be introduced by 2 a function like escape. Because unescape 1 is deprecated, use decodeURI or decodeURIComponent instead.

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you can use unescape to remove escape characters.

Moreover, unescape/escape is 2 not deprecated over decodeURL/encodeURL . but decodeURL/encodeURL is preferable 1 to decode/encode URL.

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