[ACCEPTED]-How to combine two JavaScript statements into one-javascript

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Score: 11

Curly braces aren't that bad, but - in very 1 specific cases - you can enhance your code by using commas:

if (direction == 'south-east') x++, y++;

Here's the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/FY4Ld/

Score: 1

{ } that you use does just that - combines 4 statements in one block usable with any 3 flow control statement. You can place entire 2 block on one line - JS doesn't care about 1 whitespace in this case.

Score: 1

You can do it like this:

var x = 0,
    y = 0,
    cond = true;

if (cond) ++x && ++y;

Note: This doesn't 5 work if x is -1;

Or without if:

cond && ++x && ++y;

So your code would 4 look like this:

if ($direction == 'south-east') $x++ && $y++;

Note that the ++ operators 3 is after the variable that means this won't 2 work if $x is 0.

++x returns falsy if x is -1
x++ returns 1 falsy if x is 0

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