[ACCEPTED]-What does 'chrome' mean?-xul

Accepted answer
Score: 31

It is a euphemism for the graphical framework 18 and elements surrounding the content, and 17 thus means different things depending on 16 the context.

In the context of a web browser 15 it is the navigation, toolbar etc.

In the 14 context of a website it is navigation, ad-space 13 and other fixed aspects of the design.

The 12 term "user interface chrome" is synonymous 11 with "graphical user interface" or GUI for 10 short, a term you are probably more familiar 9 with.

In the context your are referring to 8 in the browser.type documentation, it is actually just 7 a way for the XUL framework to load privileged 6 content via a URI. The name here may seem 5 a little misused, but for the most part, this 4 is the way the XUL framework loads all graphcis 3 used to build the browser chrome, and as 2 such it goes well with the first context 1 i described.

Score: 7

The chrome is the window around your application. It 2 is the browser window itself (borders, navigation, address 1 bar, etc).

Score: 5

The chrome is the browser frame, including 1 all of the code and UI in the browser itself.

Score: 3

A chrome is a replicatable part of a layout, or 3 a design that surrounds a piece of content.

For 2 example, facebook apps are displayed in 1 the facebook chrome (all the blue stuff).

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