[ACCEPTED]-jQuery - How to select last column of all rows in a table?-jquery-selectors

Accepted answer
Score: 15

:last is a jQuery selector, but it will only 5 select the very last element of that type. You're most likely looking 4 for :last-child.

Similarly, td:first-child will get you the first 3 cell, while :first gets you the first element 2 of that type.

Here's a Fiddle for you to look at 1 with all four examples.

Score: 2

As mentioned, to select every td that is the 7 last child of its parent tr, use :last-child instead:


The 6 reason why the :last selector doesn't work is 5 because it actually gives you the last element 4 in the DOM that matches everything in the 3 selector up to the point where it occurs:

  • $('td:last') returns the last td element
  • $('tr > td:last') returns the last tr > td

Since 2 every td is tr > td by necessity, there is no difference 1 in these two selectors.

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