[ACCEPTED]-How to make lodash work with Angular JS?-lodash

Accepted answer
Score: 113

I prefer to introduce '_' globally and injectable 1 for tests, see my answer to this question Use underscore inside controllers

var myapp = angular.module('myApp', [])
  // allow DI for use in controllers, unit tests
  .constant('_', window._)
  // use in views, ng-repeat="x in _.range(3)"
  .run(function ($rootScope) {
     $rootScope._ = window._;
Score: 60

I just wanted to add some clarification 13 to @beret's and @wires's answer. They definitely 12 helped and got the jist of it but getting 11 the whole process in order might suit someone. This 10 is how I set up my angular environment with 9 lodash and got it working with yeoman gulp-angular 8 to serve properly

  • bower install lodash --save (This adds to bower 7 and a saves to bower json)

  • modify bower json 6 to have lodash load before angular does. (This 5 helps if you're using gulp inject and don't 4 want to manually put it into index.html. otherwise 3 put it into the index.html before the angular 2 link)

  • Make a new constant per @wires's direction.

'use strict';

  // lodash support
  .constant('_', window._);
  • Inject into any angular service, filter, or controller as you would anything else:
.filter('coffeeFilter', ['_', function(_) {...}]);
  • To throw it into some angular html view just inject it into the controller and assign a scope variable to it:
.controller('SnesController', function ($scope, _) {
  $scope._ = _;

Hope 1 this helps someone set up their site. :)

Score: 29

ng-repeat requires an Angular expression, which has 3 access to Angular scope variables. So instead 2 assigning _ to this, assign it to the $scope object 1 you inject into the controller:

IndexModule.controller('GridController', function ($scope) {
  $scope._ = _;


Score: 2

I am not sure what version of Angular you 5 are using. Looks like you should have just 4 used the 'Controller as' syntax when you 3 use 'this' to access variables in the dom.

Here 2 is the solution with this and not using 1 scope. http://plnkr.co/edit/9IybWRrBhlgQAOdAc6fs?p=info

 <body ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="GridController as grid">
      <div ng-repeat="n in grid._.range(5)">
      <div>Hello {{n}}</div>

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