[ACCEPTED]-How to document an event handler in JSDoc?-jsdoc

Accepted answer
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The keyword is @listens

Usage example:

 * Outputs the event that happened
 * @param {MyEvent} e - The observable event.
 * @listens MyEvent
function myEventLogger(e) {

The corollary 1 is the @fires keyword for raising the event.

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No, there is no way to document an event handler.

So the best way is to document it as a normal 7 function maybe writing in its description 6 in bold text or upper case that is an "EVENT 5 HANDLER".

You probably already now this, but 4 just in case: you can write it in bold by 3 simply wrapping the text into html tags 2 <strong></strong>.

This answer is now deprecated but it does 1 not let me delete it.

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