[ACCEPTED]-Max memory for 64bit Java-heap

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Theoretically 264, but there might be limitations 11 (obviously)

According to this FAQ it's only limited 10 by memory and swap space on the local system:

On 64-bit VMs, you have 64 bits of addressability to work with resulting in a maximum Java heap size limited only by the amount of physical memory and swap space your system provides.

See 9 also Why can't I get a larger heap with 8 the 32-bit JVM?

Also keep in mind you need 7 to set the max heap via command line. Without 6 an -Xmx command. without it Java uses 64mb 5 + 30% = 83.2mb as a default max heap on 4 64 bit machines according the same FAQ.

java -Xmx1000g myClass 

works 3 fine on my machine. But it dosn't seem 2 to yet support the 't' modifier so you can't 1 specify max memory in terabytes yet :)

Score: 14

If you could make every atom in the universe 10 into a byte of RAM, you could allocate it 9 in a 64 bit address space.

Actually, that's 8 a slight exaggeration.

There are 10^80 atoms 7 in the universe (according to WolframAlpha), and 6 2^64 bytes of address space in a 64 bit 5 system, so you'd only be able to address 4 1 out of every 5x10^60 atoms. But if you 3 have 18 qintillion bytes of RAM, you'd probably 2 need a couple of quantum black holes to 1 power it with.

Score: 3

This probably depends on the system your 10 VM is running in. If you are running a AMD 9 x64 architecture the address space of currently 8 shipped processors uses 48 Bits, not 64. This 7 results in a theoretical maximum of roughly 6 256 TB. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64)

I am not a specialist in VMs, but 5 any modern OS typically will give as much 4 memory as there is physical RAM plus available 3 virtual memory. Probably thats what the VM will 2 pass to your application depending on its 1 configuration.

Score: 2

With recent VMs from Sun, the practical 7 heap limit size is usually 512 times the 6 available physical and/or virtual memory. Even 5 if the theoretical limit is much higher, the 4 VM will allocate 1 byte for maangement purposes 3 for each 512 bytes of heap memory on startup, so 2 1TB of heap will immediately require 2GB 1 for the memory management.

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In theory its between 2^63 and 2^64 bytes.

In practice 7 it is limited by the amount of physical 6 memory and swap space available on your 5 machine. And the physical memory is in 4 turn limited by your chipset (i.e. the number 3 of address pins on the physical memory address 2 bus) and motherboard (i.e. the number and 1 size of the DIMM sockets).

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