[ACCEPTED]-Abstract Generic class-generics

Accepted answer
Score: 14
public abstract class Step<S,T> {
    public abstract S makeAStep(S currentResult, T element);

public class SumOfInts extends Step<Integer,Integer> {
    // etc.


Score: 3

I agree with Jonathan's answer.

There is 9 also another possibility, given below, that 8 keeps the type parameters on the method itself.

It's only theory in this case, because 7 the class and method names suggest that 6 this has no meaning for this example.
So 5 I change the names for my example:

    public abstract class Step {
      public abstract <S,T> String makeAStep(S first, T second);

    public class ConcatTwo extends Step {
      public <S, T> String makeAStep(S first, T second){
        return String.valueOf(first) + String.valueOf(second);

Note : This 4 works because the operation uses String.valueOf(Object), that 3 works for any type (all subclass Object). For 2 another operation, we would have to restrict 1 S and T, using something like
S extend Integer for example.

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