[ACCEPTED]-Java: how to import a jar file from command line-classpath

Accepted answer
Score: 117

You could run it without the -jar command line 4 argument if you happen to know the name 3 of the main class you wish to run:

java -classpath .;myjar.jar;lib/referenced-class.jar my.package.MainClass

If perchance 2 you are using linux, you should use ":" instead 1 of ";" in the classpath.

Score: 59

If you're running a jar file with java -jar, the 7 -classpath argument is ignored. You need to set the classpath 6 in the manifest file of your jar, like so:

Class-Path: jar1-name jar2-name directory-name/jar3-name

See 5 the Java tutorials: Adding Classes to the JAR File's Classpath.

Edit: I see you already 4 tried setting the class path in the manifest, but 3 are you sure you used the correct syntax? If 2 you skip the ':' after "Class-Path" like 1 you showed, it would not work.

Score: 13


java -cp "your_jar.jar:lib/referenced_jar.jar" com.your.main.Main

If you are on windows, you should use 1 ; instead of :

Score: 3

you can try to export as "Runnable jar" in 3 eclipse. I have also problems, when i export 2 as "jar", but i have never problems when 1 i export as "Runnable jar".

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