[ACCEPTED]-java imap fetch messages since a date-imap

Accepted answer
Score: 26

You could also use the SearchTerm classes 3 in the java mail package.

SearchTerm olderThan = new ReceivedDateTerm(ComparisonTerm.LT, someFutureDate);
SearchTerm newerThan = new ReceivedDateTerm(ComparisonTerm.GT, somePastDate);
SearchTerm andTerm = new AndTerm(olderThan, newerThan);

Some combination 2 of the above should prove to be a better 1 way to get dates within a certain range.

Score: 5
public class CheckDate  {
    public void myCheckDate(Date givenDate) {
        SearchTerm st = new ReceivedDateTerm(ComparisonTerm.EQ,givenDate);

        Message[] messages = inbox.search(st);

    // in main method

    public static void main(String[] args) throws ParseException{
        SimpleDateFormat df1 = new SimpleDateFormat( "MM/dd/yy" );
        String dt="06/23/10";
        java.util.Date dDate = df1.parse(dt);


Score: 2

Instead of fetching all messages you should 8 try taking advantage of server side search. This 7 works by using the search method of javax.mail.Folder. You will 6 probably have to write your own SearchTerm 5 based on a criteria on Message.getReceivedDate().

If 4 server side search does not work, you could 3 try using a fetch profile, i.e. instead 2 of inbox.getMessages() use inbox.fetch(Message[] msgs, FetchProfile 1 fp). The javadoc for fetch says: Clients use this method to indicate that the specified items are needed en-masse for the given message range. Implementations are expected to retrieve these items for the given message range in a efficient manner. Note that this method is just a hint to the implementation to prefetch the desired items.

Score: 0

Here is what I came up with. This works 3 for me, but probably not the best way to 2 go about it. Any suggestions to improve 1 this?

      Date from; //assume initialized
      Store store; //assume initialized
      Folder inbox = store.getFolder("INBOX");
      int end = inbox.getMessageCount();
      long lFrom = from.getTime();
      Date rDate;
      long lrDate;
      int start = end;
      do {
        start = start - 10;
        Message testMsg = inbox.getMessage(start);
        rDate = testMsg.getReceivedDate();
        lrDate = rDate.getTime();
      } while (lrDate > lFrom);
      Message msg[] = inbox.getMessages(start, end);
      for (int i=0, n=msg.length; i<n; i++) {
        lrDate = msg[i].getReceivedDate().getTime();
        if (lrDate > lFrom) {
          System.out.println(i + ": "
            + msg[i].getFrom()[0]
            + "\t" + msg[i].getSubject());
Score: 0

All mails in the last month:

    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
    cal.roll(Calendar.MONTH, false);
    Message[] search = folder.search(new ReceivedDateTerm(ComparisonTerm.GT, cal.getTime()));


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