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EDIT: Default values are now supported. See answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/14309108/1082541 below.

As Brent Worden already mentioned, default 10 values are not supported.

I had issues with 9 using Option.setType too. I always got a null pointer 8 exception when calling getParsedOptionValue on an option with 7 type Integer.class. Because the documentation was not 6 really helpful I looked into the source 5 code.

Looking at the TypeHandler class and the PatternOptionBuilder class 4 you can see that Number.class must be used for int or Integer.

And 3 here is a simple example:

CommandLineParser cmdLineParser = new PosixParser();

Options options = new Options();

try {
    CommandLine cmdLine = cmdLineParser.parse(options, args);

    int value = 0; // initialize to some meaningful default value
    if (cmdLine.hasOption("integer-option")) {
        value = ((Number)cmdLine.getParsedOptionValue("integer-option")).intValue();

} catch (ParseException e) {

Keep in mind that 2 value can overflow if a number is provided which 1 does not fit into an int.

Score: 30

I do not know if not working or if added 2 recently but getOptionValue() has an overloaded version that 1 accepts a default (String) value

Score: 2

The OptionBuilder is deprecated in version 8 1.3 & 1.4 and Option.Builder doesn't seem to have 7 a direct function to set the type. There 6 is a function for the Option class called setType. You 5 can a retrieve a converted value with the 4 function CommandLine.getParsedOptionValue. Not sure why it's not part of 3 the builder anymore. It requires some code 2 like this now:

    options = new Options();

    Option minOpt = Option.builder("min").hasArg().build();

and reading it:

    String testInput = "-min 14";
    String[] splitInput = testInput.split("\\s+");

    CommandLine cmd =  CLparser.parse(options, splitInput);

which would 1 give a variable of type Long

Score: 1

CLI does not support default values. Any 4 unset option results in getOptionValue returning null.

You 3 can specify option types using the Option.setType method 2 and extract the parsed option value as that 1 type using CommandLine.getParsedOptionValue

Score: 0

One can use other definition of

public String getOptionValue(String opt, String defaultValue)

and wrap 2 your default value to string.


String checkbox = line.getOptionValue("cb", String.valueOf(false));

output: false

it 1 worked for me

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