[ACCEPTED]-How to check if a thread is sleeping?-sleep

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You can call Thread.getState() on and check if the state 3 is TIMED_WAITING.

Note, however that TIMED_WAITING doesn't necessarily 2 mean that the thread called sleep(), it could also 1 be waiting in a Object.wait(long) call or something similar.

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Here is an ugly hack to check if the other 1 thread is sleeping (calling Thread.sleep):

public static boolean isSleeping(Thread t) {
    StackTraceElement[] ste = t.getStackTrace();

    return ste.length > 0
        && ste[0].getClassName().equals("java.lang.Thread")
        && ste[0].getMethodName().equals("sleep");
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I am not sure if there is a better way but 3 you could change a variable when a thread 2 goes to sleep and check that variable if 1 the thread is sleeping or not.

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You could create your own sleep method which 4 records the Thread's ID to a global variable and use it as reference 3 for sleeping thread.

There's no other way 2 you can tell if a thread is precisely sleeping.

Hope 1 the three links below help:

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i didn't actually did it , but there's an 3 ThreadMXBean Interface for getting thread Info

which returns 2 ThreadInfo Class, there you might get something with getWaitedTime 1 method.

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