[ACCEPTED]-Lightweight ioc-Container for Java?-ioc-container

Accepted answer
Score: 30

Pico container or google-guice. See a comparison here.

Btw, few people will call spring 3 "ligthweight", but it can be used 2 as such with only the basic features. Hence 1 it's included in the above comparison.

Score: 9

CDI? (almost the same thing as Guice, but 1 is a JSR rather than proprietary)

Score: 7



Score: 6

Silk DI is a 120K jar with no further runtime dependencies 7 needed. So it is way more lightweight than 6 e.g. guice or spring and still smaller as 5 pico-container but has an even more powerful 4 feature set. Also it doesn't cheat by splitting 3 features into a separate additional jars 2 like multibind for guice or the gems for 1 pico-container.

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