[ACCEPTED]-Syntax error, insert "EnumBody" to complete EnumDeclaration-eclipse

Accepted answer
Score: 10

In my case I was building an app using the 8 Notepad tutorial as a starting point. Referencing 7 the Notepad tutorial, the class constructors 6 are decorated with @Override directives.

One 5 of my @Override was generating the aforementioned 4 error due to an errant semicolon terminating 3 the line. Removing the semicolon, that 2 is to say "@Override" instead of "@Override;" resolved 1 the issue for me.

Score: 3

I had the same error. You might have declared 2 the string array outside the class declaration. Changing 1 that fixed it.

Score: 2

I had this Problem, when I by accident declared 2 an Enum with quotation marks

public enum Environment {

instead of 1

public enum Environment {

It took me a while to see that...

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