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Try to increase your memory

Either set the 6 environment variable JAVA_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx500m" which means heap start 5 size is 256 MB, max 512 MB. Or edit your 4 catalina.bat or .sh and add this line there.

You 3 have to play around with these values, some 2 weeks ago I had an SOLR indexer job, about 1 2 GB of data, 700MB heap were required.

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start tomcat with an -Xmx1024m or some larger 1 value to give tomcat more heap space.

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You can try lowering the default batchSize 8 JDBC connection param in your dataSource 7 definition.
DataImportHandler is designed 6 to stream row one-by-one. It passes a fetch 5 size value (default: 500) to Statement#setFetchSize 4 which some drivers do not honor.

If you're 3 using MsSQL you can add dataSource param 2 responseBuffering="adaptive".

See 1 here for more info:

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you should definitely look into tuning your 9 JVM. to start with you should alter your 8 JVM parameters to emit a Garbage Collection 7 log and then use a tool to analyze that 6 log. this analysis will help you to pick 5 sane values for your heap, and it will also 4 allow you to gauge whether or not you really 3 have a memory leak or just a heap tuning 2 issue. see this related question for some 1 info on GC analysis tools:

Analyze GC logs for Sun Hotspots, JVM 6

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