[ACCEPTED]-Why tomcat server location property is greyed in Eclipse-tomcat

Accepted answer
Score: 143

On the Servers view, delete all the webapps published 5 under your server (right click on the server 4 > Remove or right click on the server > Add and Remove and then 3 remove manually the webapps) and finally 2 right click on the server > Publish (the 'empty' content). This 1 way you would un-gray the Server Locations area.

Score: 11

As the dialog says : "Server must be published 3 with no modules present to make changes." Stop 2 the server remove any modules. After that 1 the options will be enabled.

Score: 11
One way to change the server location is by doing the following steps:

    1)Right click on the Server(Example Tomcat server).
    2)Go to Properties.
    3)Click on "Switch Location" , in the "General" tab.
    4)The "Location" information changes.
    5)Now go back and the settings will be enabled to change the Server Locations


Score: 2

If you are still dont see the option enabled, start 1 the tomcat and then it will be enabled.

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