[ACCEPTED]-How do I check out an SVN project into Eclipse as a Java project?-subversive

Accepted answer
Score: 42

Here are the steps:

  • Install the subclipse plugin (provides svn connectivity in eclipse) and connect to the repository. Instructions here: http://subclipse.tigris.org/install.html
  • Go to File->New->Other->Under the SVN category, select Checkout Projects from SVN.
  • Select your project's root folder and select checkout as a project in the workspace.

It seems you are checking 8 the .project file into the source repository. I 7 would suggest not checking in the .project 6 file so users can have their own version 5 of the file. Also, if you use the subclipse 4 plugin it allows you to check out and configure 3 a source folder as a java project. This 2 process creates the correct .project for 1 you(with the java nature),

Score: 20

If it wasn't checked in as a Java Project, you 1 can add the java nature as shown here.

Score: 1

I had to add the .classpath too, form a 8 java project. I made a dummy java project 7 and looked in the workspace for this dummy 6 java project to see what is required. I 5 transferred the two files. profile and .claspath 4 to my checked out, and disconnected source 3 from my subversion server. From then on 2 it turned to a java project from just a 1 plain old project.

Score: 0

If the were checked as plugin-projects, than 5 you just need to check them out. But do 4 not select the "trunk"(for example) to speed 3 it up. You must select all the projects 2 you want to check out and proceed. Eclipse 1 will than recognize them as such.

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