[ACCEPTED]-How can I display a byte array as a String in java's debug detail formatter?-debugging

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I don't know how to get eclipse's detail 4 formatter to automagically display byte 3 arrays as Strings, but you can display a 2 particular byte array by adding new String(byteArray) as a watch 1 expression.

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If your question is how would I get a string 3 representation of a byte array of [0,1,2] to 2 be "[0,1,2]", I would suggest 1 you take a look at Arrays.toString(byte[])


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You can't add Detail Formatters for simple 1 Datatypes like byte.

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The [B type can be retrieved with byte[].class.


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In Idea debug mode, right click the byte[] data you 1 want to view and choose the View Text.

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