[ACCEPTED]-What is the difference between getFirst() and peekFirst() in Java's LinkedList?-linked-list

Accepted answer
Score: 16

Java introduced LinkedList in version 1.2. This is 6 when the getFirst method has been provided. This 5 message threw NoSuchElementException when the list is empty, causing 4 programmers to do an extra check before 3 the call:

Element e = null;
if (!myList.isEmpty()) {
     e = myList.getFirst();

This was an inconvenience, which 2 has been fixed in Java version 1.6 by adding 1 the peekFirst method and other methods of the Dequeue<T> interface.

Score: 6

Only one reson: 1) It reduces the Exception 3 Handling while development

 public E peekFirst() {
     if (size==0)
        return null;

     return getFirst();

Above is the implementation 2 of peekFirst(), it just check the size ZERO, and 1 returns NULL instead of throwing Exception

Score: 3

LinkedList is a Deque. Deque API defines 4 methods which exist in two forms: one throws 3 an exception if the operation fails, the 2 other returns a special value (either null 1 or false, depending on the operation).

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