[ACCEPTED]-AVAudioPlayer initialization: error code -50-core-audio

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Score: 19

“ OSStatus error -50” means paramErr, an old-style 1 Mac error code indicating a bad parameter.

Score: 7

Regarding the comment from Brynjar: The 7 Apple NSURL Class Reference describing URLWithString states 6

To create NSURL objects for file system 5 paths, use fileURLWithPath:isDirectory: instead.

I 4 have found that using URLWithString for file system paths 3 generates the error reported by pix0r and 2 therefore could be another explanation for 1 error code = -50

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Make sure your NSURL is valid, or you will get 1 error code -50 "Operation could not be completed".

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I'm adding my version of the issue and solution 17 because I encountered the error with a print 16 statement. I think it was related to string 15 interpolation and or trying to forcibly 14 print nsattributedstrings. I attempted to 13 do the following.

print("THE ARRAY COUNT IS : \(unwrappedResults.count)\n\n\n 
THE FULL ARRAY IS THE FIRST WHOLE RESULT IS: \(unwrappedResults)\n\n\n \ (unwrappedResults[0])\n

THE ATTRIBUTED FULL TEXT IS: \(unwrappedResults[0].attributedFullText)\n\n\n 
THE ATTRIBUTED PRIMARY TEXT IS: \(unwrappedResults[0].attributedPrimaryText)\n\n\n 
THE ATTRIBUTED SECONDARY TEXT IS: \(unwrappedResults[0].attributedSecondaryText)\n\n\n")

something about this was 12 incorrect and no print would occur. I would 11 receive the error following errors in my 10 console.

boringssl_metrics_log_metric_block_invoke(131) Failed 9 to log metrics & boringssl_metrics_log_metric_block_invoke(133) Error 8 Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-50 "Unsupported 7 xpc type" UserInfo={NSDescription=Unsupported 6 xpc type}

I fixed this issue by changing 5 the way I unwrapped/the variables values. Fundamentally 4 I think I was trying to print something 3 using string interpolation that could not 2 be printed and that is what caused this 1 error.

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