[ACCEPTED]-UITransitionView and UILayoutContainerView-iphone

Accepted answer
Score: 29

They are both internal views used by Apple 12 and not published in the SDK.

It's difficult 11 to say exactly what Apple will or won't 10 do however, adding a view to an undocumented 9 view you retrieve from a superView message 8 is not contentious. What you should not 7 do (or be careful if you do do) is make 6 assumptions about the view you are adding 5 to. Specifically its class but even basic 4 things like the fact that it even exists.

What 3 are you trying to do? There may be a simpler 2 way - like adding your view directly to 1 the app's UIWindow.

Score: 0

Directly doing anything with those views 3 goes against the SDK guidelines of not using 2 undocumented APIs. So, sadly, it doesn't 1 matter much what they do.

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