[ACCEPTED]-iOS code signing fails: "A sealed resource is missing or invalid.-appstore-approval

Accepted answer
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I just experienced this error trying to 8 sign an archive with Xcode 4 on Lion. The 7 problem turned out to be related to the 6 fact that the archive had been zipped on 5 one machine and transported to another --- the 4 zip utility did not support symbolic links, and 3 the app code signature uses a symlink inside 2 the bundle, so the unzipped archive was 1 invalid.

Possible solutions are:

  1. Use the Finder's contextual (ctrl-click/right-click) menu and choose "Compress" to create the zip file, or:
  2. Use the command line version of zip and provide it with the -y argument to preserve symbolic links.
Score: 9

This isn't a specific answer I'm afraid, but 11 something you may not have thought about.

From 10 your command line snippet, it looks like 9 you're code signing your app bundle after 8 it's been built. Are you moving the bundle 7 (.app folder or maybe an IPA or ZIP file) from 6 another machine, or from another drive? I've 5 had problems with moving app bundles between 4 file systems that don't support symbolic 3 links properly. Are you using a network 2 drive, or have a local drive that's not 1 formatted for Mac OS.

Score: 9

Solved. The problem was a '?' character 4 on the product name. Shouldn't be like that 3 but that's how it is. Nowhere apple says 2 that that makes a codesign verification 1 issue.

Score: 2

Apple's new APFS file system has some bugs 4 to process unicode characters and it is 3 causing the issue.

Moving the whole project 2 to the legacy MacOS Extended volume and 1 archiving again solved the issue.

Score: 1

Another problem could be your app contains 4 image file name with none English characters 3 in your app. Such as 'ş ç ğ'. If you remove 2 those images or change the file name it 1 will proceed.

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I passed days on this problem, for me it's 5 because the name of the application contains 4 arabic caracters :(, So apple on xcode 12 3 doesn't accept arabic caracters ? on xcode 2 10 i publish without any problem

it's very 1 complicated to be a developper on ios

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In my case, I got that error because the 10 disk image I created to distribute my app 9 ran out of space and ditto did not copy all files 8 from the build folder to the disk image. As 7 the script I used generates so much noise, I 6 missed the warning of ditto that it ran out of 5 space in the target disk image. Unfortunately, ditto should 4 have aborted the whole procedure, instead 3 of burying the warning into a myriad of 2 other paths of smaller files that it managed 1 to copy.

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