[ACCEPTED]-Is there a way to test a web site on the iPhone without an iPhone?-web-testing

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If you own a Mac, you can download the iPhone 3 SDK which comes with an iPhone simulator. It 2 works not only for debugging a native app 1 but also for browsing the web.

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If you have Safari on your computer, you 23 can enable the "Develop" menu under Preferences 22 > Advanced > Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar.

With 21 this enabled, you can go to Develop > User 20 Agent, and change the user-agent string 19 to the device you want your browser to report 18 to the web server as. By resizing the window 17 to the appropriate width, you can emulate 16 what the site will look like on the iPhone.

The 15 upside of this is that it's quick, it works 14 on both Windows and Mac, and you don't need 13 the iPhone SDK installed. You can also browse 12 iPhone-specific versions of websites that 11 catch user-agent strings directly from your 10 PC.

The downside is obviously your Safari 9 browser on your PC will behave quicker than 8 on the actual device (especially in regard 7 to javascript performance); it displays 6 plugins and shows fonts that may not be 5 available on the actual iPhone OS; a lack 4 of multi-touch support and "snapping" to 3 columns while scrolling; no auto-rotation; no 2 multi-touch/pinch-zoom; widgets will look 1 different; etc.

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Just a notice on this old thread - we have 3 now enabled live testing on iPhones and 2 iPads via vnc at CrossBrowserTesting.com. Ken 1 - Founder

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There is a free app on the mac that emulates 1 the iPhone browser: iPhoney

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I don't purport to have done more than a 3 web search, but the problem seems to be 2 solved by several products that are "iPhone 1 web app emulators."



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