[ACCEPTED]-Lightweight, cross-platform input library-input

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Have you ever tryied OIS (Object Oriented Input System)? An efficient and 3 light weight library. I am very satisfied 2 with it.

I have never tried with the 360 1 controller, but it should work fine.

Score: 5

This maybe an older question and is already 4 answered but..

Someone on tigsource made 3 a lightweight cross-platform gamepad library that 2 you might find useful.

You can view the post 1 on it here.

Score: 4

What about SDL?

Maybe it's not what you mean 2 by lightweight (it has the graphic and audio 1 subsystems too), but it's very portable.

Score: 4

I know this thread is very old and by now 11 you might have gotten what you need, but 10 im answering this just in case someone stumbles 9 on it and needs help as well.

I stumbled 8 upon this library gainput and it seems like 7 it makes alot of sense. You can try it 6 out, if it helps.

Gainput is a lightweight 5 c++ library, that enables you use the same 4 interface for Joypads, macs, pc, linux as 3 well as mobiles, and it is very easy to 2 integrate to your project.

A link to gainput 1 can be found here (http://gainput.johanneskuhlmann.de/)

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