[ACCEPTED]-IIS7 access website from remote computer-iis-7

Accepted answer
Score: 59

Check your firewall. You will have to open 20 TCP Port 88.

Part 4: Opening Up to the 19 Outside World

Windows Firewall blocks the 18 World Wide Web Services port by default 17 (Port 80). With this port blocked, other machines 16 cannot connect to your web server. This 15 severely limits the scope of potential 14 web site viewers. So, in order to show 13 your new web site and server to the outside 12 world you must add an exception to the 11 Windows Firewall.

  1. Click Start and type 10 firewall into the Search bar and press enter. (Note: Make 9 sure you select Windows Firewall and not 8 Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)

  2. Click 7 Change Settings

  3. Click the Exceptions Tab 6 and Scroll to World Wide Web Services (HTTP).

  4. Click 5 the check box and click OK.

Now your machine 4 is accessible to the outside world. You 3 can connect to your machine by typing 2 in the IP address of your server into 1 another machine’s web browser.


Score: 3

If firewall setting is not the issue (say 4 it's turned off), find out public IP of 3 your server (ex., then add 2 it to http listener on the server itself Open 1 cmd and type: netsh http add iplisten

Score: 0

Go Control Panel>System and Security>Windows 3 Firewall>Allowed Programs-> then check all 2 " World Wide Web Services(Http) tab"

Its 1 is worked for me

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