[ACCEPTED]-HTML viewer for ics (iCal) files-icalendar

Accepted answer
Score: 14

I've found InstantCal, which does what I want. The 3 display it creates is not that great though. Also, it 2 seems buggy in Chrome.

I'd like something 1 similar, with a simpler, nicer interface.

Score: 7

There's a program written in php that, IIRC, does 1 this type of thing.

PHP iCalendar it is called.

Score: 2

You can import .ics files to Google Calender 11 and view it there. Last Evening I exported 10 a Calender from MS Outlook in CSV format 9 and Imported that into Google Calender and 8 I was able to share the same with my Colleagues.

The 7 Procedure though is not very visible on 6 the interface. I had to look for the Other Calenders section 5 on the left panel and click on the Settings. I 4 found an option that said Import on it, which 3 when clicked, I could upload the MS Outlook 2 exported CSV format file and see the Calender 1 online on Google.

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