[ACCEPTED]-What's the opposite of a nbsp?-hyphenation

Accepted answer
Score: 96

You want the unicode character ZERO-WIDTH 6 SPACE (\u200B).

You can get it in HTML with 5 ​ or ​.

Explicit breaks and non-breaks:

LB7 4 : Do not break before spaces or zero width 3 space.
LB8 : Break before any character 2 following a zero-width space, even if one 1 or more spaces intervene.

Score: 38

There also is the little-known wbr tag, which lets 2 the browser to decide whether to break the 1 line or not.

Score: 17

There's a nice page over at quirksmode.org 4 that answers this question quite nicely 3 IMHO. http://www.quirksmode.org/oddsandends/wbr.html

In short: use <wbr /> or &#8203; (or 2 &shy; but you mentioned you don't want 1 the dash).

Score: 4

use <wbr>.


Score: 2

You can use CSS3 property called word-wrap

p.test {word-wrap:break-word;}

Hope it 1 helps!

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