[ACCEPTED]-Absolute URLs omitting the protocol (scheme) in order to preserve the one of the current page-protocol-relative

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Score: 62

is this URL format safe to use for all browsers.

I 8 can't say anything for sure, but you should 7 be able to test it in different browsers.

And 6 is it a standard?

Technically, it is called 5 "network path reference" according 4 to RFC 3986. Here is the scheme for it:

  relative-ref  = relative-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ]

  relative-part = "//" authority path-abempty
                / path-absolute
                / path-noscheme
                / path-empty

There is 3 a problem though, when used on a <link> or @import, IE7 2 and IE8 download the file.

Here is a post 1 written by Paul Irish on the subject:

Score: 23

Yes I believe it is. Paul Irish coined the 5 term Protocol Relative URL.

I'd also point out it's part of the 4 HTML5Boilerplate project which evangelises cross browser 3 compatibility.

Note: there is an edge case in 2 IE6 with google analytics which is mentioned 1 in Paul's article. So it's not perfect.

Score: 1

Should be safe.

Is specified as format to 2 use in Google's HTML/CSS styleguide: EDIT: latest 1 url : https://google.github.io/styleguide/htmlcssguide.xml#Protocol

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