[ACCEPTED]-Submit button not focused even though tabindex is properly set-tabindex

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It's a Mac 'feature' to only let you tab 3 thought input boxes and lists by default. Tabbing 2 through all controls is an advanced option:


Firefox 1 on Mac copies this default OS behavior.

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This is a Mac OS X issue. Your Mac may be 12 configured to not allow you to tab to non-textfield 11 elements (e.g., buttons). You can change 10 this by going into system preferences for 9 keyboard. Then click on the shorcut tab 8 and look at the bottom and choose the option 7 to allow focus on all controls. You should 6 now be able to focus on the buttons on Safari 5 and Firefox in addition to all buttons in 4 Mac OS.

To quickly change the setting on 3 your Mac, press CTRL + F7 (or if you're 2 using a Mac Keyboard, try holding down the 1 Function Key and pressing CTRL + F7).

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Ok, let's see. I have tried above code in 14 Firefox (Mac, Windows), Safari (Mac) and 13 IE (Windows). Here are my findings:

When 12 using

<button name="thename" type="submit">Subscribe</button>


<input id=\"inputsubmit\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Subscribe\">

for submitting the form (same result):

  • FF (Win) - When tabbing, the focus does hit the button
  • FF (Mac) - When tabbing, the focus is not hitting the button.
  • Safari (Mac) - When tabbing, the focus is not hitting the button.
  • IE (Win) - When tabbing, the button seems to be in some kind of focus all the time and the button will have some extra focus when tabbing to i.
  • For all, when an item inside the form has the focus it's possible to just hit enter in order to "click" the submit button.

I 11 guess the conclusion has to be like this:

  1. Different 10 browsers behave differently. Even the same 9 browser behaves differently on different 8 OS (FF).

  2. The default behaviour of a form 7 is that hitting enter will submit the form 6 using the first submit button in the form.

  3. I 5 think it's a pitty that the focus wont hit 4 the button when tabbing because I think 3 that quite a lot of users expect the focus 2 on the item before hitting enter.

Or what 1 do you say...?

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