[ACCEPTED]-Google Chrome's Javascript console keyboard shortcuts-keyboard-shortcuts

Accepted answer
Score: 60

F8 - Run

F10 - Step over

F11 - Step into

Works for 1 me

Score: 58

To see the full list of shortcuts for the 5 currently installed version: in chrome open 4 the Developer Tools Ctrl+Shift+I and then open shortcut 3 help ?.enter image description here

Edit: To get list of shortcuts, press 2 Shift + ? when you are in other than 'console' tab, like 1 'Elements' or 'Resources'

Score: 11

In addition to Chris Tek's answer:

Shift + F11 - Step 1 Out Of

Score: 7

Here is the full list of shortcuts for the 1 latest version of Chrome Developer Tools:


Score: 0

Toggle Breakpoint: Ctrl+B, pretty essential!



Score: 0

A much better reference of Chrome DevTools 3 shortcuts can be found here (https://shortcutref.com/chrome-dev-tools).

This page 2 only shows the relevant shortcuts (level, OS, category) and 1 has short and precise descriptions.

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