[ACCEPTED]-How can I create mailto links without recipient that will work on Chrome on Ubuntu?-mailto

Accepted answer
Score: 44

If I understand the definition right this 2 should work:

<a href="mailto:?to=&body=AAA,&subject=BBB">MAIL</a>

At least it does work in Chrome 1 36 on OSX…

RFC 6068: The 'mailto' URI Scheme

Score: 5

Try adding a space between mailto: and ?body=AAA,&subject=BBB like this:

<a href="mailto: ?body=AAA,&subject=BBB">mail link</a>

Or 1 even adding the space as Unicode like this:

<a href="mailto:%20?body=AAA,&subject=BBB">mail link</a>
Score: 0

What about <a href="mailto:?to=%20&body=AAA,&subject=BBB">mail link</a>


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