[ACCEPTED]-How to delete remote repository on github?-repository

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You can go to the main page of the repository 2 and under your repository name, click "Settings"...

Repo Settings tab

...and 1 scroll down to the "Danger Zone"

The Danger Zone

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Go to the settings page of your repo and 10 the bottom you can find the "Delete this repository" button under 9 the Danger Zone area. Enter your repository name to 8 confirm the deletion and click "I understand the consequences, delete this repository" to confirm 7 the operation. The url will endup like below 6 if you visit the settings page of you repository,


For 5 example, if your name is john and have a 4 repository named "sample_john" the url would 3 look like this,


Warning: Doing the above operation 2 will permanently delete your repository, wiki, issues, and 1 comments, and remove all collaborator associations.

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You might also want to delete repo from 1 your .git/config file

git remote rm “alias or origin” 

Hope this helps

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you can use following shell command tools 1 to delete remote repository on github https://github.com/dfyfhqsfly/github-delete-reponsities.git

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Adding and Remove your remote repository 1 from git hub:

git remote add origin https://github.com/saikumarputta/TodoApi.git

git remote remove origin

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1.Navigate to Your Repository

2.click on 3 Settings (under deleted repository)

3.scroll 2 down to the end of the page, got to "Danger zone" Section


5.Re-enter the repository name for confirmation.


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