[ACCEPTED]-Can GitHub be used for hosting files (mp3 and images)?-online-storage

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It is allowed, but:

  • GitHub has a "soft" limit of 1GB per repo, which means if you consistently remains above that limit, you will get emails asking you to reduce the size of your repos.
    In your case, 3 to 4 GB would be too much on one repo.
  • GitHub ToS disallow using the service "for any illegal or unauthorized purpose", os make sure your mp3s don't violate some copyright law.

In short, it is possible, but 4 it certainly is not what GitHub is for.

An 3 artifact repo like Nexus does offer non-randomized 2 names, so if you can publish it to service 1 like Amazon S3 (there is no Nexus support out of the box, but it is possible)

Score: 1

An example of hosting images:


This ubuntu 7 UI addon program allows URLs for randomizing 6 wallpapers.

Here are a couple of repositories 5 set up to work with that program hosting 4 wallpaper collections.

https://github.com/matjam/hd-wallpapers https://github.com/rakkarage/wallpaper

It has been nice 3 not worrying about losing wallpapers.

But 2 not for music I guess because of the two 1 reasons listed above.


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