[ACCEPTED]-How to INCLUDE lib files inside [/Libs/x64/Release] folder in a Git repository-gitignore

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You would need to use:

git add --force Libs

In order to add them 17 in spite of the .gitignore.

You can check 16 at any time which .gitignore and which rules 15 of the .gitignore is preventing you to consider a 14 particular folder with:

git check-ignore -v /path/to/an/element

For modifying your 13 .gitignore to not ignore a particular sub-folder, consider 12 ".gitignore exclude folder but include specific sub-folder", especially:

If you exclude 11 folder/, then everything under it will always be 10 excluded (even if some later negative exclusion 9 pattern (“unignore”) might match something 8 under folder/). (*)
(*: unless certain conditions 7 are met in git 2.?, see below)

For instance, in 6 your case try (git 1.8.2+):


Note that with 5 git 2.9.x/2.10 (mid 2016?), it might be 4 possible to re-include a file if a parent 3 directory of that file is excluded if there is no wildcard in the path re-included.

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (pclouds) is 2 trying to add this feature:

That means, with 1 git 2.9+, this could have worked:


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