[ACCEPTED]-how to stop pushing deleted files to remote repo?-github

Accepted answer
Score: 10

From those commands it looks like the video 6 file is still in the commit history.

Assuming 5 you have made no other commits try the following. If 4 you have just tweak them a bit.

Try reverting 3 to the previous commit

git reset --soft HEAD~1

then do git status 2 and see if you see the file

if you do. then 1 remove it and recommit with

git commit -c ORIG_HEAD
Score: 2

If the history is larger than just one commit, and 9 the mp4 large file has been versioned in 8 older commits, you can consider cleaning 7 up the history of your repo with:

Follow 6 that cleanup with a git gc --aggressive --prune=now (as explained here)

To "roll 5 back", simply try those operations 4 on a local clone of your current local repo 3 (so a second local repo, clone of the first). If 2 the end result isn't good, you can resume 1 in the first (untouched) repo.

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