[ACCEPTED]-differences between using wmode="transparent", "opaque", or "window" for an embedded object on a webpage-wmode

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Score: 36

Here is some weak adobe documentation on different flash 9 4 wmode settings.

A note of caution on wmode 3 transparent is here in the adobe bug trac.

And new for 2 flash 10, are two new wmodes: gpu and direct. Please 1 refer to Adobe Knowledge Base about wmode.

Score: 20

Opaque will cause less system strain since 10 'transparent' will still attempt to apply 9 alpha. The reason you see transparent used 8 instead is because most web authors don't 7 pay attention to detail (ie, just copy-pasted 6 some embed code they found).

BTW, you are 5 correct about it being undocumented. The 4 best I've ever seen is a blog by a guy who 3 claims to have talked to a Macromedia developer 2 about it. Unfortunaetly I can't find the 1 link.

EDIT: I think it was this one: http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?cid=e5141

Score: 7

also, with wmode=opaque and with IE, the Flash gets 3 the keyboard events, but also the html page 2 receives them, so it can't be use for something 1 like embedding a flash game. Very annoying

Score: 3

There's a pretty good write up in the Adobe 3 KB's on 'wmode' and other attributes with 2 regards to their effect on presentation 1 and performance.


Score: 2

One bizarre thing is that in Chrome + Firefox, the 5 MOUSE_LEAVE event isn't dispatched for OPAQUE and 4 TRANSPARENT.

With WINDOW it works fine. That one took some 3 time to find out! grr...

(note: jediericb 2 mentioned this bug - which is similar but doesn't 1 mention MOUSE_LEAVE)

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