[ACCEPTED]-SVN not working in Eclipse-subversive

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Subversive is my favorite SVN implementation in Eclipse 12 because it works better than the others 11 and it integrates neatly into the UI.

I suggest 10 you follow these steps:

  1. Download the most recent version of Eclipse (currently Galileo) and extract it to your desired installation location
    • Prior to running Eclipse, make sure you delete (or rename/relocate) your default workspace (under Windows this is workspace in your user directory)
    • Install the Subversive SVN Team Provider (as instructed by the Eclipse incubation website) using Eclipse's software installer:
    • Choose Help, then Install New Software...
    • Create a new download location and specify the following download URL: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo
    • Locate Collaboration, expand it, then check Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation)
    • Proceed through the installation and accept the TOS
    • Restart Eclipse and Subversive should prompt you to select a SVN Connector. Reading the symptoms you describe, it sounds like you don't have a connector installed, or it isn't communicating with your team provider. The Polarion website has a guide for choosing the connector best suited for you.

If you aren't prompted 9 to install a connector, you can always do 8 so from the preferences screen:

SVN preferences in Eclipse

If the above 7 doesn't work for you, it seems that your 6 workspace isn't cleaned out. Locate your 5 default workspace and try getting things working 4 without any projects before you continue.

You 3 could then also try deleting the .eclipse directory 2 in your user directory. And starting over 1 from step 3.

Score: 5

The problem I had was that svn icons where 5 not showing in the package explorer.

The 4 solution for me was to delete the .metadata folder in the workspace folder (which will reset 3 all your workspace including preferences 2 and repository configurations)

After that 1 all the icons appeared.

Score: 5

I had same issue when SVN connector was 2 not able to connect SVN repository in Eclipse.

Then, I 1 do the following step's :-

  • Right click on Project under Eclipse.
  • Go to Team -> share Project.

It's working :)

Score: 3

I found a problem related to installing 16 plugins here. I also could not get the SVN 15 stuff to show up in the preferences because 14 of some bug with the software updater updating 13 the Mylin plugins. You'll likely have 12 to get your Eclipse installation straightened 11 out first and you can do this by just using 10 a new workspace. You don't have to blow 9 away the .metadata folder if you point Eclipse 8 temporarily at a new workspace folder. When 7 the Eclipse installation is clean, you can 6 start installing plugins again, but make 5 sure to uncheck the box labeled Contact all update sites during install to find required software

Eclipse 4 uses local SVN libraries that are part of 3 an installed plugin for SVN support, be 2 it SVNkit or JavaHL. Netbeans uses SVN 1 libraries that are installed independently.

Score: 1

I have had this happen before with Eclipse 12 and the various SVN plugins that it supports. The 11 SVN plugin, for some reason, sometimes looses 10 the SVN connection. Your best bet is to 9 simply delete the project and re-check it 8 out of svn. If you have changes that need 7 to be committed you can use the command 6 line.

Another problem you may have is that 5 your plugin and your repository are out 4 of sync in terms of version numbers. I have 3 had problems before using a plugin designed 2 for svn 1.6.x and a repository that was 1 still at svn 1.4 or 1.5.

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Just delete all projects from eclipse and 2 Re-Import the all projects again. It is 1 working for me. Just try it

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If you want to completely start over with 9 eclipse, you need to delete your workspace 8 as well (the path you see when you first 7 start eclipse). Just re-installing the 6 eclipse files and pointing to the same default 5 workspace will not change anything for you.

Your 4 best bet is to remove eclipse and your workspace 3 and start over because you probably inadvertently 2 broke some other parts of the plug in while 1 you were trying to fix your initial problem.

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Even if you install everything as it is 5 said, Subversive and SVN Connector (svnkit 4 1.x.x), in the project you may not see svn 3 working. In my case I had to remove the 2 project from workspace and import it again. Then 1 it appears. (Refresh, clean did not worked).

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