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How to Install Visual Studio Key Bindings in Eclipse (Helios onwards)

For anyone finding this post, if you need 7 step by step instructions and you're using 6 Eclipse Indigo PDT , the following should 5 help you:

(Note: you will be prompted to 4 restart Eclipse after installing)

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Click Help -> Install New Software
  3. In the Work with box select or type your version of Eclipse, e.g.:
  4. Make sure the 'type filter text' box is blank.
  5. Wait for a list of names and versions to appear
  6. Scroll down to find Programming Languages, and expand it
  7. Locate C/C++ Development Tools and check the box
  8. Click Next and follow the remaining instructions on screen.

After finishing 3 the install and restarting Eclipse...

  1. Click Window -> Preferences
  2. Expand General
  3. Click Keys
  4. Change the Scheme drop down to Microsoft Visual Studio
  5. Click OK

To 2 confirm the update, try pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F and 1 the 'Search' dialogue box should appear.

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I think the latest Eclipse ships with Visual 21 Studio bindings but at least the Eclipse 20 PDT doesn't (which I just installed). And 19 I would prefer to not have lots of extra 18 plug-ins in Eclipse to keep it more "slim", so 17 I didn't add the C++ plug-in. (maybe it 16 doesn't affect performance but I really 15 need only the keys...)

So anyway, I added 14 the keys which I needed. As previous posters 13 noted, when you "Export" in the 12 key customization there is no way to import 11 them, so the separate File->Export/Import 10 functionality is the way to go.

So, as summary:

  1. Try 9 add to Eclipse C++ plugin and see if it 8 ships with key bindings that work for you

  2. Use 7 mine key bindings, key list and download 6 here install: unzip, use File->Import->General... to 5 get it to Eclipse

It's far from complete 4 of course (it's only keys which I missed 3 to get started...), but better than nothing 2 anyway.

Update (2009-10-16): Added Ctrl + G (go-to-line) to 1 the bindings.

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To get the Visual Studio key bindings in 8 Eclipse you need to install the C++ development 7 plugins - see this.

I downloaded the latest Java 6 development version of Eclipse (version 5 below), when to Help -> Software Updates 4 -> Available Software -> Ganymede 3 and ticked the C++ box. After a restart 2 the Visual Studio key binding appeared in 1 the list.

Eclipse Platform

Version: 3.4.1
Build id: M20080911-1700
Score: 2

I don't have a VS2005 keybinding scheme 6 as I personally prefer a Brief-style scheme.

However, to 5 import "it", as far as I know (at least 4 on Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede) use File -> Import 3 -> General -> Preferences where "it" is 2 a .prf file which has been saved out using 1 File -> Export -> General -> Preferences.

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Eclipse Ganymede has a built-in keybinding 2 scheme for Visual Studio. Have you tried 1 that?

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