[ACCEPTED]-Subclipse complains "Path is not a working copy" after moving workspace-subclipse

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You need to delete the .syncinfo files. This is 6 easily done (in most cases) by closing and 5 opening Eclipse, however you can also do 4 so manually as in the following:

To delete 3 the cache, close Eclipse. The cache is 2 stored in:


So you can just find and delete 1 all files named .syncinfo in


Quoted from this article: http://subclipse.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=1047&dsMessageId=868799

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I just did a "Team -> Cleanup" and this 5 exact error went away! I also got this error 4 because I moved between machines and the 3 path wasn't the same.

Using Eclipse 3.6 and 2 the Subversion 1.6 plugin.

Update in 2016: Still works perfectly 1 with Eclipse 4.5.2 and Subclipse 1.10.

Score: 4

Edited to add: Nope, spoke too soon. This doesn't fix 9 it. Some files just seem not to exhibit 8 the problem.

The following seems to solve 7 the problem:

  1. Team > Disconnect.
  2. Quit Eclipse.
  3. Blow away .metadata/.plugins/org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.*.
  4. Restart Eclipse.
  5. Team > Share.

Not sure how the old path was 6 actually being stored in the plugin prefs, but 5 it must have been in there somehwere. It's 4 kind of pathetic of Subclipse to store absolute 3 paths, but apparently it is.

There's a bug filed on this, or 2 at least on the same error message. No context. Fifty 1 cents says it gets rejected.

Score: 1

I'm sure there are many causes with different 7 solutions, but I found the one that worked 6 for me at Dan Wilson's blog. Simply remove the offending 5 folders from the workspace (probably saving 4 them if they have new content), update (letting 3 Subversion recreate the folders), then move 2 the contents back into the fresh folders 1 in your workspace.

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I got the error when I tried to rename a 4 class by changing the case from DAO to Dao in 3 Eclipse.

I had to rename it to something 2 like Dao2 and then was able to rename it to 1 Dao.

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What worked for me: Do a "refactor - rename" on 2 the project => after that do it again to 1 rename it back to the original name.

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Hard to say without further information.

Did 10 you move the whole workspace or just the 9 content?

Also, you can try creating new workspace 8 from scratch and check out the whole project 7 again.

Alternatively, you may try deleting 6 the .metadata directory and relink the project 5 again using File -> import -> existing project 4 into workspace and then relink the SVN data 3 through Team -> Share projects (with an 2 's'), or maybe just do this last bit after 1 first disconnecting the project from SVN.

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I was having the same error message using 3 subclipse with javahl on a project that 2 is out of the workspace directory. Changing 1 to svnKit has resolved my problem.

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I have the same problem

I had a new project, added 8 it to SVN. Then everything works as normal, until 7 I try and refactor-rename any java file, I 6 get:

move D:/dev/sk_ws/ge-parent/ge-core/src/main/java/com/skillkash/ge/beans/Skbean.java D:/dev/sk_ws/ge-parent/ge-core/src/main/java/com/skillkash/ge/beans/SkBean.java
    Path is not a working copy directory
svn: Path 'D:\dev\sk_ws\ge-parent\ge-core\src\main\java\com\skillkash\ge\beans\SkBean.java' is not a directory

Now the SVN URL is:


and the repository 5 root is:


Obviously just sharing the project 4 then trying to move a file using subclipe 3 does not work - it must be a bug. I have 2 to do all my refactoring outside eclipse, and 1 hand edit all the files which are affected.

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Right click the project folder : Team -> Update 2 to Head

This will bring back the directory. Delete 1 it again and Commit

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In my case I had the folders of the projects 2 in the Project Explorer and just had to 1 reopen the project

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For me, this error message was caused by 14 an out-of-date installation of Subclipse, and 13 the underlying SVNKit and JahaHL libraries. I 12 have been using TortoiseSVN outside of Eclipse 11 to manage my project directories, and my 10 recent upgrade to the 1.8.x series of (Tortoise)SVN 9 tools broke my working copies for Subclipse.

All 8 I had to do to fix, was go to Help->"Install 7 New Software..." and click "Add..." to 6 add a new update site. I picked the latest 5 update site for the latest release on http://subclipse.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectProcess?pageID=p4wYuA and 4 upgraded Subclipse from there.

Then all my 3 existing projects just worked, and I could 2 reconnect to the one I had already tried 1 disconnecting from without problems.

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checkout the whole project to a temp dir, then 3 I copied the first level .svn directory 2 and replaced my working copy .svn folder 1 with this.


It woks for me.

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I had added a png file to my project, but 6 I got this error trying to rename or delete 5 it. Cleaning and refreshing the project 4 didn't do anything.

I went into the svn Team 3 Synchronizing perspective, right clicked 2 on the file and deleted it. That solved 1 my problem.

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  1. Right click on the project and select Teams -> Switch to another Branch/Tag/Revision.
  2. Select the appropriate Branch/Tag/Revision that the project should be tied to and click OK.
  3. Give Eclipse some time to process the changes.
  4. Restart Eclipse for the changes to take affect.


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I just got this error when I was trying 6 to update some .java files. The problem 5 was I was trying to update the files but 4 the folder that contains that files didn't 3 exist in the path so when I sync and update 2 the folder it works at the first try.

So, dont 1 try to sync files, try to sync the folder.

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