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As posted to a few related questions already, I'm 4 working on a plugin for easy, cross-editor 3 color theme management:


It is still work 2 in progress, but already supports many editors 1 and a few dark color themes.

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I've created my own dark color scheme (based 13 on Oblivion from gedit), which I think is very 12 nice to work with.

Preview & details 11 at: http://www.rogerdudler.com/?p=362

We're happy to announce the beta of 10 eclipsecolorthemes.org, a new website to download, create and 9 maintain Eclipse color themes / schemes. The 8 theme editor allows you to copy an existing 7 theme and edit the colors with a live preview 6 of your changes on specific editors. The 5 downloadable themes support a lot of editors 4 (PHP, Java, SQL, Ant, text, HTML, CSS, and 3 more to follow)

There's a growing list of 2 themes already available on the site:

Screenshot of eclipsecolorthemes.org

You 1 can read more about the launch here.

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Here's a guy that posted his Eclipse preferences 3 for changing the colors like a theme:



And 2 here's more about how to set the colors 1 in the Ganymede Eclipse version (v. 3.4, mid 2008):


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For Linux users, assuming you run a compositing window manager (Compiz), you 3 can just turn the window negative. I use 2 Eclipse like this all the time, the normal 1 (whitie) looks is blowing my eyes off.

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These are the pleasing colors for my eyes 2 during coding. Jazz music not included in 1 theme.

Screenshot of LukinaJama3

Eclipse Color Themes Plugin file: LukinaJama3.xml on depositfiles

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This is the best place for Eclipse color 1 themes:


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I have to say, this is one area where Eclipse 8 is really weak. Specifically, the import/export 7 of preferences applies to ALL preferences. There 6 is no way to import say just the fonts/color 5 preferences (like you can with Visual Studio) without 4 mucking up my key binding preferences.

Also, I 3 have tried several of these preference files 2 referenced above, and they completely break 1 my Eclipse install.

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I've created several color themes, and a 4 script to extract a new one from someone's 3 color preferences. I'm currently using 2 one I still have yet to post on the site, but 1 I should eventually get to it.


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Easiest way: change the Windows Display Properties main window background color. I went to Appearance tab, changed to Silver scheme, clicked Advanced, clicked on "Active Window" and changed Color 1 to a light gray. All Eclipse views softened.

Since Luna (4.4) there seems to be a 2 full Dark them in

Window -> Preferences -> General 1 -> Appearance -> Theme -> Dark

enter image description here

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For the quick hack, on Linux running GNOME 4 with a Windows keyboard, Windows-Key-M will 3 inverse-color all windows, and Windows-Key-N 2 will inverse color a single window. It's 1 an awesome feature, in my book.

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As I replied to "Is there a simple, consistent way to change the color scheme of Eclipse editors?":

I've been looking 5 for this too and after a bit of research 4 found a workable solution. This is based 3 on the FDT editor for Eclipse, but I'm sure 2 you could apply the same logic to other 1 editors.

My blog post: Howto create a color-scheme for FDT

Hope this helps!

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The best solution I've found is to leave 12 Eclipse in normal bright mode, and use an 11 OS level screen inverter.

On OS X you 10 can do Command + Option + Ctrl + 8, inverts the whole screen.

On 9 Linux with Compiz, it's even better, you 8 can do Windows + N to darken windows selectively 7 (or Windows + M to do the whole screen).

On Windows, the 6 only decent solution I've found is powerstrip, but 5 it's only free for one year... then it's 4 like $30 or something...

Then you can invert 3 the screen, adjust the syntax-level colours 2 to your liking, and you're off to the races, with 1 cool shades on.

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If you use Aptana then you can download 3 a dark color theme! I have been looking 2 for one recently and found the Aptana one. Thought 1 others might be interested!

Check out: http://www.nightlion.net/themes/2009/aptana-dark-color-theme/

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I have finally found exactly what I have 2 been looking for, i.e. a dark theme for PyDev (although I still 1 feel like Eclipse is missing out on this).

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This is another dark Eclipse theme: http://blog.prabir.me/post/Dark-Eclipse-Theme.aspx.

I have 1 the Visual Studio equivalent of the theme.

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Here's a rev 0.0.1 of an attempt at a dark background colour scheme for Eclipse (and a screenshot). Any feedback at all? (this 1 is a big departure from what I normally use for Vim.

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Checkout this color scheme I created for Eclipse PDT. It 2 is based on the Vim Zenburn color scheme 1 developed by slinky

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Some people posted options for Linux and 16 Mac, and the Windows (free) equivalent is, if 15 you can deal with it globally:

Set Windows 14 desktop appearance theme window background 13 color. You can keep current/desired theme, just 12 modify the background color of windows. By 11 default, it is set to white. I change it 10 to a shade of grey. I tried dark grey and 9 black before, but then you have to change 8 text font colors globally, and all that's 7 painful.

But a simple shade of grey as background 6 does the trick globally, works with any 5 color text font as long as the shade of 4 grey is not too dark.

It's not the best solution 3 for all editors/IDEs, as I prefer black, but 2 it's the next best free & global workaround 1 on Windows.

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I played with customizing the colors. I 9 went with the yellow text/blue background 8 I've liked from Turbo Pascal. The problem 7 I ran into was it let you set the colors 6 of the editors but then the other views 5 like Package Explorer or Navigator stayed 4 with the default black-on-white colors. I'm 3 sure you could do it programatically but 2 there are waaaay to many settings for my 1 patience.

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In response to this comment I made a filter for 4 Color Filter plugin for Compiz.

Here's what 3 I got:


  1. Go to /usr/share/compiz/filters/
  2. Create new file "negative-low-contrast" (as root)
  3. Insert the attached code into it.
  4. Go to System->Preferences->CompizConfig ...
  5. Enter Color Filter Plugin
  6. Enable it and add newly created filter to the list Profeet!!

Filter code:

TEMP temp, neg;

# Dunno what's this... but every other filter starts with this :) ;
TEX temp, fragment.texcoord[0], texture[0], RECT;

# Applying negative filter ;
RCP neg.a, temp.a;
MAD temp.rgb, -neg.a, temp, 1.0;
MUL temp.rgb, temp.a, temp;
MUL temp, fragment.color, temp;

# Lowering contrast and shifting brightness ;
MUL temp.rgb, temp, 0.8;
ADD temp.rgb, temp, 0.25;

MOV result.color, temp;

You also can play 2 with the filter. May be you will get something 1 more facinating :) Feel free to share!

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