[ACCEPTED]-I don't have "Dynamic Web Project" option in Eclipse new Project wizard-jakarta-ee

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Not all of them are required (I think), but 10 after installing the components listed below 9 I got the "Dynamic Web Project" template 8 added to my Eclipse (Indigo). The list is:

  • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools
  • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools
  • Eclipse Web Developer Tools
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

You 7 can install those packages by clicking on 6 "Help" > "Install New 5 Software", selecting the repository 4 that corresponds to your Eclipse build (i.e 3 http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo for Indigo). The packages are grouped under 2 "Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise 1 Development".

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I think you need the Web Tools Platform 6 package for this. Not very sure though. You 5 can add it to your current eclipse through 4 Help > install new software.

Then add the 3 software repository site location for WTP 2 for your version of eclipse. This is how 1 you can install plugins in eclipse.

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"http://download.eclipse.org/releases/kepler"(If you have Eclipse Kepler)

Based 9 on your eclipse choose above link and copy 8 in

  1. help>Install new software

  2. paste in 7 "work with" click add

  3. give any 6 name you want - plugin

  4. In the list select>"Web, XML, Java 5 EE and OSGi Enterprise Development">Eclipse 4 Java EE

    Developer Tools. select and install 3 it.

  5. After restart you will have your Dyanmic 2 web project option.

Thank You.

Like me if 1 it worked please

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You only need to install

Eclipse Java EE 2 Developer Tools

and you will be able to see 1 "Dynamic web project" wizard.

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Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, everything you need should be 14 included inside. This is the most painless 13 way of obtaining Web Development Tools.

If 12 you want to leave your existing Eclipse 11 IDE, you can go to 'Help -> Install New 10 Software' and find WDT to install them, although 9 I haven't personally tried to go this route, so 8 I can't guarantee everything will work out 7 of the box.

Edit: not sure if it's included in 6 Ubuntu's repository. One other way to do 5 it is to download Linux 32-bit (or 64-bit, depending 4 on your machine) version of Eclipse EE, but 3 you'll have to check if it's the source 2 you have to compile yourself, or an already 1 compiled binary.

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Fwiw, I downloaded the standard Java EE 12 version of the Mars version of Eclipse, and 11 ran into the same deal -- didn't see a Web 10 option if I tried File >>> New >>> Project 9 wizard.

The good news: Probably no extra 8 installation needed.

It looks like what I 7 wanted was to select the Other option rather 6 than the Project item (strangely this is what comes 5 up when you hit Ctrl-N, but that also lets 4 us know we're probably on the right track):

Screenshot of the new project menu hierarchy with "Other" highlighted.

After 3 you select "Other", you'll see the "Select 2 a wizard" screen, where you can select "Dynamic 1 Web Project" and profit.

Dynamic Web Project highlighted in Select a wizard screen.

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  1. HELP
  2. Install New Software
  3. In Work With input box paste this url: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/{version}/ Replace version with your eclipse's version (eg: LUNA)
  4. Hit enter
  5. Underneath box will have different options, select package of your need.


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Maybe Eclipse WTP plugin has been accidently 6 removed. Have you tried re-installing WTP 5 using this location ? If I were you I would have reinstall 4 Eclipse from strach or even better try Spring ToolSuite which 3 integrates with Google Plugin for Eclipse 2 seamlessly (usign Extenstions tab on STS 1 Dashboard)

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Just download any eclipse with "EE" letters


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I had a similar problem, you may find that 5 going to the top right corner of your page 4 in Eclipse and click "Java EE" instead of 3 "Java" will solve your problem. I had EE 2 installed correctly like you, and this solved 1 the issue for me. Hope I helped :)

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Go to Eclipse --> Help

and click--->Install 4 new software

then you can see a window ...There 3 a click add

Then put below url in url box: http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/repository/juno/

i 2 am having juno

if u have any other means 1 put that name . then click ok.

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Make sure to check dynamic web app in "other 4 section" i.e File>New>Other>Web 3 or type in "dynamic web app" in 2 your wizard filter. If dynamic web app is 1 not there then follow following steps:

  1. On Eclipse Menu Select HELP > INSTALL NEW SOFTWARE
  2. In work with test box simply type in your eclipse version, which is oxygen in my case
  3. Once you type in yur version something like this "Oxygen - http://download.eclipse.org/releases/oxygen"will be recommended to you in drop down
  4. If you do not get any recommendation then simply copy " http://download.eclipse.org/releases/your-version" and paste it. Make sure to edit your-version.
  5. After you Enter the address and press enter bunch of new softwares will be listed just ubderneath work with text box.
  6. Scroll, find and Expand WEB, XML, Java EE .... tab
  7. Select only these three options: Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools, Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools,Eclipse Web Developer Tools
  8. Next, next and finish!
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The easiest way to handle this is to install 4 the full package installer with all weblogic 3 add ons from the oracle site. This will 2 install eclipse with all the features/plug 1 ins you need.


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This helped me find the "Dynamic web 3 project" in Eclipse 2020-12 version. Restart 2 the eclipse and go to file->new->other->web 1 and you will see project will be available.

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This option might be missing because more 3 than one and other than Tomcat runtime is selected. At 2 the marked spot I was shown that I have 1 selected Java JDK runtime. After unselecting it Dynamic Web Module reappeared.

enter image description here

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