[ACCEPTED]-Can I switch SVN repositories from Eclipse?-svn

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I think you need to go into your 'repository 3 browser' perspective there you right click 2 your current repository and 'relocate' it 1 to another domain.

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Do not use the "Team/switch" option, but 18 rather change to the "SVN repository exploring" perspective 17 and change the URL location there in the 16 location properties of your repository. Works 15 like a charm on Indigo - using Subversive 14 in my case.

When using Subversive this will 13 show a warning "The attached projects will be relocated because the repository root URL differs from the previously entered one", which is just what you 12 want. Be sure to open all projects you want 11 relocated before doing this.

When getting 10 "Cannot relocate the connected projects" with "Relocation cannot be performed because the new URL refers to the different repository" then maybe your repository root has 9 no trunk/tags/branches folders, or has such 8 folders in subfolders as well. Then on the 7 tabsheet Advanced, disabling the option 6 Enable Structure Detection might help.

If 5 you get "Relocation cannot be performed because the new URL refers to the repository which is not valid (incorrect URL or credentials specified)" then also make sure the root path 4 within the new repository URL matches the 3 root of the old URL. (In other words: ensure 2 that /new/path in the screenshot above has the same 1 subfolders as the old URL.)

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Just right click on the project-> team -> disconnect.

Then 2 another right click on the project -> team 1 -> share -> to your new SVN.

That's it!

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Within Eclipse Navigator, if you right-click 7 the project name a submenu will appear. On 6 that sub-menu select Team which will provide 5 some addtional menu options. Select the 4 "Swich to another Branch/Tag/Revision ..." and 3 a window will appear allowing you to specify 2 the new branch or in your case a new repository 1 location.

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You can do the following:

Go to project explorer 3 view -> right click on your project -> team 2 -> switch ... and now select the new URL.

Thats 1 all!

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I could not relocate from my eclipse. I 8 have different projects on different branches 7 and tags (read-only it’s only for comparing 6 different versions) of the same repository. When 5 the ip of our svn server changed, I could 4 relocate through TortoiseSVN but not from 3 Subclipse.

Changing from http://oldserver/svn/PROJECTNAME to http://newserver/svn/PROJECTNAME I get :

org.apache.subversion.javahl.CientException: Invalid operation on the current working directory
svn: Cannot relocate 'E:\…\workspaces\PROJECTNAME\tags\modulename\2.4.007\base' as it is not the root of a working copy; try relocating 'E:\…\workspaces\PROJECTNAME\tags\modulename\2.4.007' instead

Ok but 2 I don’t have the control over this. I ended 1 with a workaround involving my hosts file.

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In Eclipse, go to Window -> Perspective 5 -> Open Perspective -> Other -> SVN Repository 4 Exploring. Click Ok

Then right click on the 3 repository you want to change -> Location 2 Properties.

Change the url click finish.

That's 1 it!

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You may be able to just swap the server 2 names in DNS; this might be easier than 1 switching all the working copies.

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team -> disconnect


team -> share -> to 2 your new SVN

This is better solution than 1 switch.

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